EACC Trophies


Could we ask the help of anyone who is the current custodian of one of these trophies to please send us the details from the trophy, in a text or Word file, to website@ea-cc.org? It would help us to complete this important record. Please give the name as inscribed on the Trophy, any details of who presented it and when. Then make a list of the winners as inscribed on the trophy. e.g.:



Presented by …….


Year  Boat name  Name of winner

Year Boat name  Name of winner





Club Trophies



Cooke Challenge Cup

Joe Delf Trophy

Ebbage Cup

Roy Pike Trophy

Jubilee Cup

Bradnock Trophy

Filibuster Cup

Spring Allcomers Cup

Thurne Crew's Trophy

Greyhound Trophy

International 14 Trophy

Spring Regatta Morning Tankard

Spring Regatta Afternoon Tankard



Thurne Challenge Cup


Open Event Trophies



Moth Salver

White Boat Cup

YBOD Crew’s Trophy




TMOR Trophies



Arrow cup

Berry Cup

Fantome Barometer

Grapes Cup

Godwin Cup

Lacon Trophy

Pritchard Trophy

Cock of the Broads

Frosty Cup

Ames Cup

Catriona Cup

Dunkirk Trophy

Ladybird Trophy

Lady Caroline Cup

Olorenshaw Cup

Heller Cup

Eastwood Cup

Peacock Trophy

Tunbridge Cup

Vanessa Trophy

Pat Atkins Trophy

Best Dressed Boat

Siren Cup

Charity Cup

Curtis Cup

Brown Boat Trophy

TMOR Time Trophy