Saturday, 24th April 2021 at 7.00pm
Venue and Details will be published here when available










































And so we creep slowly back towards what we remember life used to be like.  The 2020 Rigging Out Supper was wholly virtual affair, as were most of our programmed social events last year and so far this year too, but we are very excited indeed at the prospect of some limited contact as the restrictions are eased.  

The 2021 event will again be hosted individually by members, but this time you will be able to share your outside table with a small number of others, up to permitted maximum of 6 people or 2 households.  You may want to do this in your own garden or on a few boats or even at an outdoor table in a ‘hospitality venue’ .  The possibilities and opportunities are dizzying!  As we are able to meet with some others,  I like to think of this as not a single Rigging Out Supper, but as a multitude of Supper-ettes which we are all sharing.

To develop that sharing theme, there will be two Zoom get togethers during the evening and a ‘party activity pack' for each table  The first Zoom will be at 7pm and will be the welcome to the season from the Skipper.  The second one will be at 9pm and will just be a chance to connect and say hello to others if you want to.  The ‘party activity packs’ will be sent to each host and will be something nominally entertaining and supposedly competitive, such as a riddle or a short quiz or a Dingbats or a limerick, just something to do together over the course of the evening and then email to me and I’ll do something with them. The Zoom and activities are entirely optional, of course!

Please plan your tables - wherever, whoever - and let me have the host details please for the arrangements.  Contact Cally

Finally, I am very conscious that there are members who live away as well as members who for other reasons may not be able to get together with fellow EACCers.  If this is you and you want to be in the Supper-ettes, get in touch with me and we can put together a small Zoom group too for the evening.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and getting the 2021 season started.