on Saturday 14th November 2020 at 7.00pm


It has been the strangest of seasons.  When we took the leap into the technological unknown and organised the Rigging Out Supper on Zoom back in April, we were all hopeful (and quite probably confident too) that by now it would all be in the past and we’d be able to get together in the usual way to reminisce and rejoice about good times with good friends.  Sadly this is not possible and indeed the uncertainty stretches in front of us even now.
We must, however, be thankful for what we do have.  We have had a season and lots of people have done lots of things.   There have been a few events and some outings and at least four Southern Rivers Cruises that I know of. Memories have been made and that’s what it’s about.  And some of us have got better at Zoom.
We are going to end the season then as we began it with a virtual Laying Up Supper to be held on Zoom.
It will be held on Saturday 14 November starting at 19.00.
As we did for the Rigging Out Supper, there will be a standard menu with 3 choices for starter, main and dessert so we are all cooking and eating together which is fun, and we’ll do more with this than we did in April.  The menu’s not compulsory however, and if you just want a fish finger sandwich then go ahead - or drizzle it with lemon and tell us it’s goujons. 
There will be a quiz based on the season’s activities as there always is - fortunately some things don’t change, and Sue’s photo record of the year sits firmly in that category.  There will also be the annual prize giving for the events that have taken place, plus something to cover those that haven’t.
At the time of writing, if you are in the Medium Tier area it would be possible for you to gather in small groups of up to 6 people from the Medium Tier area, to cook and eat together in a socially distanced way. If this is still possible in November - and it’s a big if - then we could have ‘tables’ of people socialising on Zoom with other ‘tables’ of people.  If you are in the High or Very High Tier areas then this will not be possible now and is unlikely to be possible in a few weeks.  Because the circumstances are different for everyone, and they are regularly changing, we will not make any suggestions but will leave it up to you to decide what you can do and what you want to do and then to arrange it.
Advance booking is essential as we need to arrange the technology so please let Cally know if you are coming (with your email address - as we’ll need that!) by Monday 9 November.   If anyone isn’t  familiar with Zoom but wants to come, don’t let this stop you - get in touch and we will get you up to speed. We have all got a lot better at it over the last few months.
The menu and the Zoom details will be sent out to you after you have booked.
We hope to see lots of you at the event. It’s been the strangest of seasons which means there’s a lot to talk about.