Sunday, 14th May 2023


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A one-day club regatta with two river races for each of River Cruiser Class and Allcomers

Race Officer: John Aves          Venue:  Club Moorings

The racing will follow the normal format as shown in the programme below, but please note the following special provisos which take precedence over the sailing instructions:


·       Entries to both am and pm races must be made by 6pm Friday 13th May using the email link at the bottom of the regatta programme below. 

·       Entrants will be signed up to a Spring Regatta WhatsApp group which may be used to communicate further information as needed.

·       If any non-competitors would like live information on the racing on the day, please email Mate with your request.   


·       The Club moorings may be used for mooring before and between races, but competitors are respectively asked not to block the start line at any time. 


·       There will be one safety boat manned for this regatta. In an emergency, please post a message on the EACC Spring Regatta WhatsApp Group and the safety boat will respond.    


The course for Sunday will be a standard course containing a maximum of three buoys A, B and C – A towards Acle (near Black Mill), B towards St Benet’s (round about the pump house) and C close to Cold Harbour Road, with start/end from the club moorings.

The course and direction of rounding the buoys will be displayed at the start line 30 minutes before the start, as the course will be set on the morning of the event depending on the wind speed and direction.

10:00   Briefing on the club mooring

11:00   River Cruisers - Race 1 

            Trophy:  Morning Tankard     Current Holder: Paul Markham: Moss Rose

11.05   Allcomers - Race 1 (1st of two race series) 

  Trophy: Spring Regatta Allcomers Cup     Current Holder: Not Raced for in 2019

14.00  River Cruisers - Race 2  

  Trophy: Afternoon Tankard (missing)    Current Holder: Paul Markham: Moss Rose 

14.05   Allcomers - Race 2 (2nd of two race series) 

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Need more information?  Contact mate@ea-cc.org