Southern Rivers Cruise 2022

Friday (evening) 12th August to Saturday 20st  August 2022

Cruise Leaders: Jamie and Phill Bennett- Martin


If the thought of cruising the relatively quiet and open waters of the

Southern Rivers and Broads, in company, perhaps en route to Oulton Week,

appeals, and you are free for some or all of the time, then this

annual cruise to the southern rivers is a must.


The plan for 2022 will be a relaxed cruise heading to a number of the more popular overnight stops across the week, with pub options most nights for those looking for an easier week afloat. For this year, the route will give participants a choice of two mooring locations each night within the same area to choose from – this gives everyone a choice in case they have a more favoured mooring spot in the area that the cruise has stopped and would prefer that location, but still keeps them included within the cruise planning without feeling isolated from the rest of the fleet.


In addition, for any participants who may feel concerned about gathering in large groups in the current climate, it gives them a choice of two alternative locations to choose from whilst again keeping them included within the overall cruise for the week.


The finer details of the route are still being finalised, but for the moment it would be helpful for the planning to understand how many boats would be interested in joining the cruise for this year.


Therefore, please could you email if you would be interested in joining for some or all of the cruise, and we will add your boat to the list and to the website and keep you updated as route details are firmed up.


Many thanks
























































Cruise Leaders:  Jo Edye, Cally Smith and Ian Stewart


Following the announcement that the Covid restrictions are to be lifted from 19 July we are pleased to tell you that there will be an organised Southern Rivers Cruise this year.  In response to the on-going issues with the virus, however, and aware that not everyone will be comfortable in busy areas or spaces, we have tried to organise an event that uses the quieter moorings and has a greater emphasis on self-catering and riverside BBQs rather than going to pubs and eating out. For those who are comfortable with these activities, there are opportunities for off-boat socialising and visiting some of the pubs and villages of the area. 

The itinerary looks like this, but you can drop in or out of the days if you fancy doing something else:

Sunday 15 August:

Meet at the 24 hour moorings at Cantley from 4pm.  You can eat at the pub or self-cater and there is plenty of space on these moorings.

Getting to Cantley:

The tides for crossing Breydon over the weekend aren’t too bad (i.e. too early!):

Friday13th August: 

Yarmouth bridges slack low water at 09:00 / 22:00

Saturday 14th August: 

Yarmouth bridges slack low water 09:35/ 22:35

Sunday 15th August: 

Yarmouth bridges slack low water at 10:10 / 23:15

SunGlory 2 will be at The Ferry PH at Stokesby on Friday evening (from 7pm), so anyone who wants to meet us there and come across with us is very welcome.  Or you can meet us on the river at Stokesby at 7am on the Saturday and we will all leave together.   Please let us know if that’s your plan by emailing at so we know who we are waiting for.  

For a Sunday morning crossing, you can meet in the pub on the Saturday evening, or muster at Stokesby at 8am on the Sunday morning.  Again, please let us know your plans by emailing on so we know who we are looking out for.

For new members who want to go across with someone, if you can’t make the Saturday or Sunday crossing then please let us know by emailing on and we will arrange to buddy you with someone.

We need to allow 2 + hours from Stokesby to Yarmouth and we will have the tide with us as we're timing to get there for slack low water

Before Cantley:    

There are various options to pass the time until 4pm on Sunday.  For those who fancy a history walk, the roman fort at Burgh Castle castle is now reopened, or there’s a new tapas bar at Reedham (I have no idea what it’s like!), or just make a leisurely sail of it. If you are interested in Burgh Castle let me know on and I will enquire about booking tickets.

Monday 16th:              

Staying on the Cantley section of the Yare, we will have a timed sail today, possibly down as far as Brundall and then return to Langley dyke for overnight moorings. SunGlory 2 will be staying at Langley, but others may wish to go into Loddon, for some shopping and pubs.


Tuesday 17th:

Today we will head down to Somerleyton, to overnight on the 24 hour moorings.  A BBQ or eating aboard is planned.  The Dukes Head PH is only a short walk, but it closes this week and it’s not clear if/when it is reopening.  We will keep an eye on this and if it’s open we might want to eat there - if you think you might want to do this then let us know by emailing on and we will update you when we know more.


Wednesday 18th:        

Sail to Beccles today, where we will moor up overnight at Beccles Sailing Club. There are plenty of options for eating in town or shopping and cooking, plus the Lido. There is live music at Geldeston Locks PH tonight, so there’s the possibility of a trip there on the Black Dog Ferry (or walk there and ferry back).


Thursday 19th:

Today we are going to Geldeston Locks PH to overnight, so you can have a mooch about Beccles first or head straight off to Geldeston.  You can self-cater on the moorings, or eat in the pub.   If you want to eat in the pub please let us know by emailing on so we can book a table.


Friday 20th:

Today we head to Oulton Broad SC for the night to oblige those staying for the RCC open on Saturday and for Oulton Week. It’s also convenient for a train station if you need to go into Norwich for Norwich City FC’s opening fixture against Liverpool!  There are some options for eating in Oulton Broad, but it might be nice to have a final meal together in a pub, so if you fancy this please meal on and we will book a table at The Commodore.   

Returning from Oulton:  

The tides are not so convenient coming back:

Saturday 21st August: 

Yarmouth bridges slack low water for Saturday is 05:05 and 17:50,

Sunday 22nd August at 06:00 and 18:30 so it looks like an evening crossing.  Again, we can ensure that no-one goes across on their own and we can arrange this over the course of the week.

We look forward to seeing you.  The above is an outline of where we plan to be and when, but you can drop in and out of any of it - or even come over and see us by car (or bike, canoe, scooter, etc).  There may also be excursions planned ….

Finally - the weather is going to be grand.  Guaranteed!


UPDATE  (12.8.21)


It’s going to be a pick and mix cruise this year, with people dipping in and out at various locations.  The participants so far are:


From Friday, meeting at Stokesby for the Saturday crossing:  Sun Glory 2, Picus, Tom in Moondream (with EACC’s newest puppy), Julia in ‘Come Along’, Ian in Kobweb and John & Susie in Ceres.


From Saturday, leaving Stokeby for Sunday crossing:  Phill and Jamie in Ranger 2


From Wednesday, meeting the group at Beccles or Geldeston:  Lily, Moon Daisy, Starshell, Evergreen and Pippinjack.


Cally and Jo at SunGlory 2 - email us on