Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th June 2022


A two-day event for River Cruiser Class yachts
 Results will count towards the RCC Sabrina trophy


Trophy: The Moth Salver.     Current Holder: David Radley, Wandering Rose 


     Details will be published here when available       
















































Race Officers: Tom Moore, Joe Farrow & Phil Montague


EACC Committee is delighted that the River Cruiser open weekend can go ahead on the understanding that participants respect the Government guidelines on Covid 19 in place on the date of this event and that if circumstances change this decision may be reversed so keep an eye on the website. The current RYA guidelines can be found here


A risk assessment has been undertaken by the committee, enabling participants to feel as safe as possible with the arrangements made. The decision on whether to participate or not must rest entirely with individuals. 

The racing will follow the normal format as shown in the programme below, but please note the following special provisos which take precedence over the sailing instructions:



●      Pre-entries to both Saturday’s & Sunday’s races must be made by 8pm Thursday 24th June using the email link at the bottom of the regatta programme below. 


●      Entrants will be signed up to a WhatsApp group which may be used to communicate further information as needed.


●      If any non-competitors would like live information on the racing on the day, please email the mate with your request.   



●      During the day, club moorings will be strictly limited to those running the racing, those manning the safety boat and club mooring holders





●      We do not feel able to organise any social activity for Saturday evening but please make contact yourself if you want to eat at the Thurne Lion who will take bookings for tables for a maximum of 6.


●      There will be limited single mooring on EACC's frontage overnight on Friday and Saturday evenings but please respect and give priority to race organisers and to those who have permanent moorings.


Other Mooring Suggestions: Thurne Dyke, especially if you are planning to eat in the Lion. Otherwise, where you can find a mooring. There are a few 24 hour moorings at Thurne Mouth and at Womack Dyke. There are casual moorings up the Thurne on the west bank and up the Bure, Hunters Yard, or mudweight on Womack. Please do not moor on the east bank down river from Thurne Dyke to Boundary Dyke.


●      Wherever you moor we would ask for strict adherence to the current Covid 19 guidelines as the limit for social gatherings outside is 30 people. 




●      Competitors are required to wear personal floatation devices when racing to reduce any potential demand on safety (RYA guidance). This will be signified by the flying of code flag Y (yellow with diagonal red stripes). 


●      There will be two safety boats manned for this regatta. In an emergency, please post a message on the EACC RCC Regatta WhatsApp Group and the safety boat will respond.  There will be no ferrying competiors to or from the Club site with the exception of those involved in the race management unless an emergency arises (RYA guidance). 


●      All the equipment used on the club site and on the safety boat will be sanitised before and after use.  



The OODs will set a course which will be displayed on the boards at the start line along with details of any split starts. The exact position of the marks may be communicated via the WhatsApp group if necessary. All races will start in the vicinity of Thurne Mouth.


Saturday 26th June


Briefing via WhatsApp


13.45 Race 1 Pursuit Race

First Start time for the slowest boat will be at 13.45. There will be 5 and 10 minute signals prior to that. Competitors will be advised of their individual start times by WhatsApp and/or on a white board on the committee boat. There will be a sound signal for each individual start.


Sunday 27th June


Briefing via WhatsApp if necessary


10.00 Race 2 Roundabout.

Start any time after 10.00. and must finish by 12.30. There will be flags and sound signals at 9.50 and 9.55.  The course will be displayed on the board including direction of rounding. Buoys may be taken in any order. Finish at Thurne Mouth from committee boat mast and triangle marker or as directed by RO. Any competitor not finished by 12.30 will be timed out.


13.45 Race 3 Traditional round the buoys (split starts)

Finish at Thurne Mouth from committee boat mast and triangle marker.


Entry fee: £15.00 for the weekend. Please pay EACC sort code 20-53-06 account no 40345601 using for reference 'Boat Name’ RCCOpen before sending your entry form.


Prizegiving: Results and prizewinners will be announced on WhatsApp as soon as possible after the last race. Prizewinners only will be invited to a brief presentation on the club site.


Click to email your entry to the OOD


Need more information?  Contact mate@ea-cc.org













































Saturday, 22nd June - Sunday 23rd June 2019




Venue: EACC Club moorings. A safety boat will be available to ferry people across from Thurne Dyke if necessary.


Race Officer: Tom Moore - To offer help contact: mate@ea-cc.org


Trophy: The Moth Salver      Current Holder: John Holmes, Sabrina II


All races will start in the vicinity of Thurne Mouth or the EACC club site.


Saturday 23rd June

Entries will be taken at the EACC club site by 12.45 please


13.00 Briefing at EACC club site

13.45 Race 1 Pursuit race – First Start time 13.45


Evening - Mooring will be in Thurne Dyke or at the club moorings. If you are intending to eat in Thurne Lion please moor in Thurne Dyke and make your own booking with the pub otherwise a party tent and the club BBQ will be available for use on the moorings. Safety boat will be available to ferry people across if necessary.



Sunday 24th June


10.00 Race 2 Start from 10.00 and must finish by 12.30. Buoys may be taken in any order. Finish at Thurne Mouth from committee boat mast and triangle marker or as directed by RO.


13.45 Race 3 Traditional round the buoys (split starts)
Finish at Thurne Mouth from committee boat mast and triangle marker.


Entry fee: £15.00 


Prizegiving: On EACC club site after Race 3


Need more information?  Contact: mate@ea-cc.org