Celebration Dinner 2011


The Dinner and Dance to celebrate not only the 2011 Season but also the 75th Anniversary of the Club took place at the Wayford Bridge Inn on Saturday 12th November.

Entertainment was provide by John and Mario.  Thanks to Robert Stevens our Social Secretary for organising it.

Scroll down for a list of Trophy Winners.

Dinner 2011 2





Club Trophies were presented as follows:

Spring Regatta

Morning Tankard  -  RCC Moss Rose  - Colin Little

Afternoon Tankard  -  RCC - Not contested

Thurne Challenge Cup - Allcomers - Not Contested

Summer Regatta

Cooke Cup - RCC Cordon Rouge  - David Thompson

Ebbage Cup - Allcomers -  YBOD Willow Herb  - Martin Cowley

Roy Pike Trophy  - RCC Martlett  - Hilary Franzen  

Greyhound Cup - Allcomers - Not Contested

Fillibuster Cup - RCC Cordon Rouge  -  Martin Thompson

International 14 Trophy - Allcomers - Not Contested

Autumn Regatta

Jubillee Cup  -  RCC Rogue  -  Dave Smith

Joe Delf Trophy  -  RCC - Not Contested


Bradnock Trophy  -  RCC Cordon Rouge  -  David Thompson

Dinner 2011