AUTUMN REGATTA WEEKEND 3rd September 2011.


The scene is set for the passage race to S Walsham on Saturday with fun and frolics in the afternoon, barbque in the evening and then the passage race home. As Waif is enjoying a well earned rest this summer I volunteered to be the Race Officer and Poppy said he would assist, if that is the right expression!


As the countdown to the big day starts one has to think about:

  1. What course to set
  2. How many starts
  3. Can I remember how to down load Johns spread sheet
  4. What to pack for lunch, how many cold ones etc.


As we get to the week before word leaks out that perhaps there may not be as many competitors as usual. No Mischief, Amaryllis, Jo,y Pixie, Bishy, Cordy, Ranger, Tartlet. No Allcomers as Martin knows neither me nor Matt will be there. In fact the only person booked in is Robert Stevens. 

On the day there is life over on the moorings as Polly and Cordy are there. Soozie kindly gives me a ride across so that I can get ready. Cordy is doing some repairs, but will not be racing. Polly is not racing as they wish to have a cruise before heading home. Solace arrives and John is going to race. Rogue arrives and David is going to race. Mossy is espied coming down river. However I am told they are cruising to Horsey with Cordy and Polly.

Pre Race Brief. What time do you want to start? The course is up river to Coldharbour, port; Upton Mill starboard; Ant mouth Starboard, and finish in Fleet Dyke. The crew ask for an 11:45 start but as they are still on the bank we head for 11:55. They are off the bank and sailing up and down. The minutes tick by; less than a minute to go.................. 20 secs Rogue over 10 secs Solace over. What to do a general recall? No I advise them they are over, and get told in no uncertain terms they know. Anyway both then clear the line and away they go. The wind is good for racing and Rogue and Solace race close to each other before Rogue gradually pulls away.

I take the committee boat down to the mouth and wait for them t go past and down to the Mill. Both look good on their way back up. Rogue has pulled quite a way in front of Solcae, and is moving very well. I take up station on the Fleet ready to get busy timing in the fleet on the Fleet, so to speak. Sure enough the first to arrive is Rogue followed by Solace, however Solace has retired.

We go to S Walsham where we have lunch and a mardle. Skipper arrives with the fuel for the bbq.  I ascertain from Solace & Rogue they do not wish to race back on Sunday. I therefore meander off back to the club moorings to put the boat away. When I get there “Tartlet” is being readied for a sail with Hilly and Glyn (who tells me that the new shortened mast on Beth is not performing as he wished and is therefore investing in a taller one for next season)



  1. Rogue helm D Smith in a time quicker than:  Solace RTD.

Although we were small in number a good time was had by all.