A digest of items of news and business from the committtee
which may be of general interest to members
From October 2020 the ratified minutes of the previous meeting will be published here 


April 2021

Minutes of extra Committee Meeting 12th April held by Zoom published 11th May


8th and 15th March 2021

Minutes of extra Committee Meeting 15th March held by Zoom published 9th April

Minutes of March Committee Meeting held by Zoom published 9th April


6th March 2021

Minutes of February Committee Meeting held by Zoom published 6th March


1st March 2021

Dredging on the Moorings The moorings have been dredged. It`s late because of the very high water levels recently and has made quite a mess of the grass, but we now have good water depths and it should provide a good allowance for future silting. The mud is very soft so please be aware of this if you venture onto the site, the dredger operator assures us that it will soon dry sufficiently so that we can either move or spread it out. Unfortunately it has been difficult to contain in piles and one or two moorings have been made inaccessible for now but I`m sure that can be remedied as soon as we are able to get on site and organise a work party.


4th January 2021

Minutes of January Committee Meeting held by Zoom published 5th February


The 2020 AGM and Election of Officers took place over Zoom.

Read the draft Minutes here.   2019-2020 Accounts


21st October 2020

Minutes of October Committee Meeting held by Zoom published 26th November


14th September 2020

Minutes of September Committee Meeting held by Zoom published 21st October


19th October 2020


A start has been made today on the assembling the storage shed. See it on the website front page.


14th October 2020

Shed Progress

The shed is completed as much as it can be in Tom's workshop. It is hoped to transport it over to the site and start erecting it on Monday 19th October.


30th September 2020

New Storage shed

A press gang of 6 "volunteers" has today laid the railway sleeper base for the new storage shed. Timber for shed arrives today so David T and Tom should be able to push on with the construction whenever the weather permits.


28th September 2020

YBOD Open - Saturday 26th September

Information regarding Regatta has been circulated to local clubs.  Committee decided the Thursday 24th September should be the new cut-off date for entries.  This date would also be when the decision was made whether the event would proceed dependant on entry numbers (5 or 6 would be good) and the weather forecast.


Minutes on Website

The Committee decided that in future the minutes will be published on the website but will only disclose decisions made and will be anonymous.  Draft minutes will be circulated to the committee after a committee meeting, committee members will have until the next meeting to inform the secretary of any changes they want made.  The Minutes will be approved at that meeting and then published on the website. The minutes will appear here following ratification at the subsequent meeting. 



Work has started on the base for the shed.  A work party is planned in the next few weeks.  



As there is less activity and no TMOR, the club has had about £4,000 less income this year.

Current Account £6,510.39.

Savings Account £20,970.01.


Social Events

Committee agreed that as there was no sign of face to face functions/meetings possible this winter there was no other choice but to purchase professional Zoom.  A Zoom Laying-up Supper will be planned.  To be discussed further at next meeting.


Professional Zoom to be purchased by the club.


Proposed date for Joint Social with YSC 16th January 2021.


8th August 2020

Summer Regatta

Committee agreed that the Summer Regatta had been very successful.  There had been no adverse comments and very positive comments from Broad’s Beat.  


The guidance has now changed so people can sail with people other than members of their family.  It is also now possible to have non family members as race officials and safety boat crew (with face masks).


Southern Rivers Cruise

There will be no SRC organised by the club this year. 

It was suggested a WhatsApp Group for those going south during SRC week be set up to keep in touch.  Committee agreed this should not be advertised on the website but it was ok for an individual to put it on the club’s Facebook page as a personal message.  


Pop-Up Regatta

The Committee is exploring the possibility of holding a Pop-Up Regatta on Saturday 29th August.   This will follow the same format as the Saturday of the Summer Regatta (Thurne Roundabout). Entry fee will be a donation to club’s charity.


YBOD Open (26th or 27th September to be decided)

Committee decided to go ahead with the YBOD Open but make it a one-day event limited to 15 boats.  This decision is dependent on government guidance not changing. 


Autumn Cruise.

Committee agreed that this could not be organised at present.   


Autumn Regatta.  Sunday 11th October

Committee agreed that this should be a morning race to South Walsham, a picnic lunch on South Walsham Broad and an afternoon race back to Thurne.   


Minutes on Website


(AOB) The Committee has been made aware that a member of club feels strongly that minutes of committee meetings should be published on the website for members to view.  At present a digest of the minutes is published on the website.  This will be an agenda item at next meeting.  In the meantime we will endeavour to make the digest as full as possible to keep members well informed.


7th July 2020

Return to Racing

Summer Regatta on 18/19th July.   The Committee is pleased to announce that the Sumer Regatta will go ahead if circumstances don't change.  Details on will be emailed and posted on the website soon.



On Tuesday 9th June emergency dredging was carried out as planned.   The bar in the centre of the main basin has been removed allowing better access to the pens.


New Storage Shed

Committee is pricing options for the new storage shed.  It is proving difficult to find a supplier for an bespoke shed to our specification.  Off the peg options would not match our requirements or the planning conditions, therefore a self-build option is also being priced.


Plastic Quay Heading

Talks with BA ongoing, although it seems plastic quay-heading will not be approved.  Committee looking into alternatives as timber replacement is considered not to be cost effective.


EACC WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp seems to be a very popular and easy method of communication.  The Committee is pleased to announce that a new EACC WhatsApp Group will be formed for members.   An email will be sent to you soon inviting you to join the group.


June 2020
Proposed Development on Club site

The Website

John Aves is continuing to work on the website to make it smart phone compatible.


Cork of the Broads

Cork of the Broads. Congratulations to winner Lady Mary.  Well done Susie and John for the tremendous effort they made raising nearly £3000.   Great to see them on the BBC local news programme.


Return to Racing

The Thurne RCC Open Regatta on 27/28th June has be cancelled.

If restrictions are eased on 4th July it may be possible to arrange socially distanced club racing in time for the Summer Regatta on 18/19th July.  A decision will be made at the Committee Meeting in July.  If it is decided that the Regatta can take place a sub-committee will be formed to plan the event and liaise with Broads Beat.  


Dredging – Tuesday 9th June

Berth holders on the club moorings have been unable to get their boats into their berths as the water level was extremely low.  The Committee therefore agreed by email that it was necessary to have the bar of silt situated between the posts and the river removed.  Amis Dredging and Piling has been contracted to do this.  John Aves will be at the moorings on this day cutting the grass, Committee members will also be there to move sleepers from neighbouring plot and lop some willows.  Social distancing to be observed throughout.


Plastic Quay Heading

In 2017 the club was awarded Planning Permission to replace the quay-heading on the whole site with wooden quay-heading and the quay-heading has been replaced with wood on the river frontage.  Because the life of wooden quay-heading is less than ten years the Committee decided to look at alternative materials for quay-heading.   A  Pre Application Enquiry was made to vary this Permission to plastic.  Unfortunately, the initial response of the Broad’s Authority has not been favourable.   The Broads Authority has invited the club to discuss the matter further and this will be done. 


4th May 2020
John Aves has puchased on behalf of the club an add on to website which will improve it's security.  Action to make it more smart phone compatible will follow.
The Committee is exploring the possibility of varying the Planning Permission for replacement of quayheading from wood to plastic.  This will involve a Pre Application Enquiry, which is in hand.
Committee members are disappointed there will be no TMOR this year, as it's the highlight of the club’s calendar and the vehicle for a good proportion of the club’s income.    Fortunately, the deposit for the marquee is the only expense incurred and it is hoped this will be carried forward to next year.  
Suzie Spivey recently celebrated a big Birthday.  Facebook suggested she might like to do fund raising to celebrate.    John and Suzie Thornicroft have come up with an idea, The Cork of the Broads, this year’s alternative to The Cock of the Broads.  Entry to the race will be via a just giving page on Facebook, entry fee £5 per boat.   Welcome to all. 
Skipper has thanked Cally for organising the Zoom Rigging Out Supper.  Cally agreed that she was pleased it had gone well and had received lots of complimentary emails.  
The Committee is keen to keep in touch with the membership, Paul Stevens is planning a  Virtual Spring Treasure Hunt so we hope you enjoy taking part in that.  Details will be sent out by email.
The Committe has considered as to whether the club should subscribe to Zoom.  Committee agreed we wouldn’t while we were not being charged for exceeding 40 minutes and will think again if this changes.
The committe agreed to Lesley and Roger's preference to keep Norfolk Schools Sailing Association as the club’s chosen charity for two years as there won’t be much opportunity for fund raising this year. 

10th February 2020


Plans for the new clubhouse and storage shed are complete, we are getting very excited!   The planning application will be submitted imminently.


Help for Events

Liz Chettleburgh (Mate) is looking for volunteers to organise and help at events.  Please contact her if you would like to get involved – she would love to hear from you.  



Unfortunately, it has not been possible to get the dredging done on the moorings before this season.  However, the Committee has quotes to dredge and replace a section of quay-heading next winter.

There will be a work party at the moorings when water levels allow to prepare the site for this year.



Plans for TMOR 2020 are progressing – the bands are booked.  As are the bins and toilets but that’s not quite so interesting!


Junior Cruiser Race

The Committee is considering a request by the RCC to include a race for juniors (under 25) at one of our open events.



14th January 2020

Mooring Vacancy

This has now been filled


7th  January 2020



Plans for the new clubhouse are moving on and we are getting excited – the architect is working on the plans!


Social Media

The Committee is pleased with the club’s Facebook page and Twitter Account.  Thanks to Colin Chettleburgh and Roger Everett.


Volunteers for Events

Liz Chettleburgh (Mate) is looking for volunteers to organise and help at events.  Please contact her if you would like to get involved – she would love to hear from you.  


Safety Boats

The safety boats are tucked-up out of the water for the winter.



The Committee is arranging for some dredging at the moorings before the season.


Thurne Mill Anniversary

Thurne Wind Pump is 200 years old this year.  There will be a weekend of celebrations on 15/16th August, including a ‘sail-by’ and a Regatta.  Unfortunately this coincides with the Southern Rivers Cruise.


7th December



Took place on 7th December at St Benet Hall, Horning

2019 AGM draft Minutes including election of officers and committee

2019 Accounts

The above documents can be viewed by members. They are password protected. If you don't know it or you have forgotten it please email Paul Stevens (contact details in the current White book, Pg 3) from the email address you have registered with the club.



Plans for the new clubhouse are moving on and we are getting excited – time to appoint an architect to do professional drawings for us!


2020 Events

Dates of Events for next year have been agreed and are on the website.


21st October 2019



Plans for the new clubhouse are still on track.


Social Media

The committee is pleased to confirm that EACC is now on Twitter page and the Facebook Group has been opened up to friends and family.  New facebook friends must be sponsored by a club member and approved by admin.


Charity for 2020

Norfolk Schools’ Sailing Association has been chosen as the charity to be supported by the club next year.




The club’s next event is the Laying Up Supper at Thurne Lion on Saturday 9th November, followed by AGM which will be held in St Benets Hall (next to The Swan), Horning at 7.30 p.m.  Saturday 7th December, adjourning to the New Inn afterwards for a beer and chat.


9th September 2019


Shed and Clubhouse on Moorings. 

Committee agreed to proceed with next step which is to send sketch drawings of the buildings agreed by the Landlord to the Broads Authority.  The Committee is intent on saving money by thorough consultation with all concerned prior to submitting a planning application.


Social Media

We hope to ask for members’ opinion on which social media would be popular. 


Safety Boat

The aluminium safety boat will be back in the water this week, the necessary work having been completed by Nick Wiggins.


Autumn Regatta

There will be a change of format for the Autumn Regatta (Sunday 13thOctober) this year with a race to South Walsham in the morning, raft-up and picnic lunch on the Broad and an afternoon race back to Thurne.  We will then meet in The Lion at 5.30 p.m. for a Sunday roast dinner.



The AGM will be held in St Benets Hall (next to The Swan), Horning at 7.30 p.m. Saturday 7thDecember, adjourning to the New Inn afterwards for a beer and chat.


15th July 2019


Hut on Moorings

The recent site meeting regarding the new shed/clubhouse on the moorings with the Landlord’s agent (and Landlord) was positive.  Next step is to send sketch drawings of the buildings agreed by the Landlord to the Broads Authority. 


Safety Boat

The aluminium safety boat is out of the water for essential repair/maintenance at present.


Delphine Aves

A donation of £50 has been made to the N&N Hospital (Boudicca Breast Cancer Appeal) on behalf of club members in memory of Delphine Aves.



The Regalia section is now up and running on the website.  Some items are held in stock by Calders, High Street, Stalham.  Well done Jane (and Paul) Stevens for this.


10th June 2019



Volunteers are needed to take a turn in cutting the grass on the club moorings in August and September.  If you are able to help please put your name on the rota on the website.


Hut on Moorings

There is a site meeting this week with the Landlord’s agent regarding the proposed shed on the moorings.  This is the first hurdle! 


New Safety Boat Engine

The red safety boat outboard has its 20 hour service this week.


Club Merchandise


The Regalia section is now up and running on the website.  Well done Jane (and Paul) Stevens for this.


20th May 2019


Possible Past Skipper's Pennant

The cheapest good acceptable pennant for past skippers found will cost £15 each.  The Committee felt that this was too much so has decided not to proceed with this immediately but defer any action until the June meeting.


East Anglian Air Ambulance Station Visits

The two visits to the East Anglian Air Ambulance Station were very successful and enjoyed by all.  £225 was raised for EAAA.  Thanks to Tom Moore for organising this.  The event may be run again next year.  


Safety Boat

The red safety boat is now in the water.  The committee is very pleased with the new engine.


Rigging Out Supper

The Rigging Out Supper was very enjoyable.  Ranworth Village Hall has been booked for next year!



Time was also taken to make final plans for TMOR.  Set up starts Wednesday morning.


Ralph Lamb


The Committee was very sad to learn that Ralph Lamb has died.  


8th April 2019




A new direct ordering system for club garments will be available soon from the club website. You will be able to select the garment from a comprehensive range, choose to add embroidered club logo and or boat name, etc, order and pay online and choose home delivery or collect from our local supplier. Printed burgees and pennants will continue to be available from Jane Stevens (Insignia Officer) and will, in future, be the only items held in stock by the club.


 East Anglian Air Ambulance

Tom Moore will lead two visits to the East Anglian Air Ambulance Station on 15thApril and 13thMay.  This event may be run again next year.  


Safety Boat

The red safety boat will be launched after Easter with it’s new Yamaha 25 hp engine.



Please check the club website for details of forthcoming events:-

•   Rigging Out Supper

Lesley Everett will be running a second hand book stall at the Rigging Out Supper in aid of NANSA.  Please give any unwanted sailing related books to her or a member of the committee. Jane will be giving away the remaining club garments for a nominal donation to NANSA·      

•   Spring Cruise. 

This year will be the River Ant and Barton Broad area.  Details on website.


18th March 2019


Hut on Moorings

Initial drawings have been prepared for the clubroom and store on the moorings. The next step is to show them to the Landlord before pre -planning discussions with the BA.


Former Skipper's Pennant

The Committee is exploring the suggestion of awarding past skippers with a club pennant.  It would be a swallow tail like the skipper's flag but edged in red indicating they were a former skipper of the club.


Group visits to EAAA

Tom Moore has offered to organise group visits to the East Anglian Air Ambulance Station.  This will be for club members and will cost a donation of at least £10 per person.


New Outboard

The Committee have approved the purchase of a new Yamaha 25 hp engine for the red safety boat.


Forthcoming Events

Please check under Events on the club website for details of forthcoming events:-

·      Rigging Out Supper


·      Spring Cruise. This year will be the River Ant and Barton Broad area.  Full details will be on the website soon.


February 2019



Membership subs due on 1st March will be paid by direct debit this year so don’t forget to set up your Direct Debit and cancel existing the Standing Order.


Registration Numbers on Transoms – update

Owners of River Cruisers registered with the River Cruiser Class will have received an email from the Class Committee about the decision of the BA to enforce the displaying of registration marks on transoms.  Our former Skipper, Jo Edye, wrote to the BA last year about the strong feelings of members against this enforcement. The present Skipper, David Thompson, has written again recently supporting the action being taken by the RCC.   Discussions between the RCC and BA are ongoing and I understand there will be news on this front in the near future.



Hut on Moorings

Plans are at present being prepared for the proposed hut on the club moorings.



Liz Chettleburgh (Mate) is busy organising volunteers to run the club events this year.  If you would like to help at any events this please contact Liz at liz.chettleburgh@aviva.com


Please check the club website for details of forthcoming events:-

·      Club Pub Evening

·      Rigging Out Supper



The Club’s accounts for 2018 have now been checked by a qualified accountant and can been seen here


14th February 2019


Our Skipper, David Thompson, TMOR Co-ordinator and ex-EAAA doctor, Tom Moore and our Charity Co-ordinator, Lesley Everett visited the East Anglian Air Ambulance base this afternoon to hand over a cheque for £403.88 - the total raised by the Club for this wonderful charity last year. The three of them were given a tour of the base, a look around the helicopter and Tom was able to catch up with old colleagues and tell lots of stories.

Tom has kindly offered to take any EACC members wishing to visit the Air Ambulance base on a guided tour. This will obviously be on a group rather than an individual basis. Details will be discussed at the next committee meeting and will be posted on the website.




Notification of Details of Events

EACC club events and reminders near the date of events may be flagged up on the club’s facebook page or emails reminders sent but members are advised to use the club’s website as the primary source for informationPlease check the club website for details of forthcoming events:-

·      Joint Social Evening with Yare Sailing Club

·      Winter Walk

·      Club Pub Evening

·      Rigging Out Supper



Membership subs due on 1st March will be paid by direct debit this year, the membership secretariat will be sending letters to all members in the near future.



The club will be supporting a local charity again this year.  The charity is NANSA, a local independent charity believing that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society.  The objectives of this charity are to empower people with disabilities to achieve life aspirations, providing support, education, training and advice to people of all ages and disability levels.   Thanks to Lesley and Roger Everett for all their efforts as Charity Co-ordinators.




The committee is grateful to Jane Stevens, who has taken over the role of supplying club regalia.  Clothing and pennants etc. printed with the club logo is advertised on the club’s website.  Jane can be contacted via email:  insignia@ea-cc.org




AGM draft Minutes including election of officers and committee  

2018 Accounts

The new committee had a brief meeting after the AGM.  Committee Meeting dates and Event Dates for 2019 were agreed and are now on the website.


The Committee acknowledged with thanks the amount of time and effort spent updating the club’s website and this will continue to be the prime noticeboard for the club and information deemed necessary will continue to be circulated by email.   In addition, Colin Chettleburgh has agreed to take on the task of EACC Facebook moderator and posting various reminders and incidental or light hearted items on the club’s facebook page.   




Structure on Club Site

Three Committee members have had a pre planning meeting with a planning officer from the BA regarding the construction of a new ‘structure’ on the moorings.  The meeting was very positive, the next stage is to provide more detailed drawings and contact the landlord.  This is already in hand.


TMOR Race Control

Phil and Jamie (RC Crocus) will be taking over race control at TMOR.  They are looking at new hardware and software with John Aves and other club members who have experience in this area.


Speed Sign

The committee has agreed that a temporary speed sign will be placed on the moorings from time to time by BA Rangers.


Mooring Work Party

A work party at the moorings has been arranged for Saturday 17thNovember.  Jobs to do; cut grass, repair holes, trim trees. More information on the website.


2019 Calendar of Events

Next year’s proposed events list is on the website.   The list will not be confirmed until all dates have been agreed with other clubs.


Stern Registration Numbers


The committee discussed the issue of registration numbers on transoms and is writing to the BA for clarification on the rationale for their attempts to enforce this when it has not been enforced in previous years.





The neighbouring property under construction has an electricity supply directly to the back of the property.  It should, therefore, be possible for electricity to be supplied to the EACC plot.

Dredging has been carried out by Tom Moore along the right hand bank six feet into the moorings and also along the back and side of Sun Glory’s mooring.   Solace and Sun Glory were moved whilst this was being done.  Also some was taken out along Mischief’s bank and the banks built up in several places.  The spoil from previous dredging on the right hand bank has been levelled.   Thanks to Tom as this has saved the club hiring a contractor to do the work.  However, a larger dredger will be needed to dredge in the section in front of Solace where Tom’s digger couldn’t reach.  This will be done in the near future as there will be a contractor working in the area.  It is hoped that the safety ladder will be repaired in the near future.

A Request has been made for Broads Authority Rangers to use the moorings for temporary speed signs.  Committee agreed to this in principle and we are waiting further communication.

A pre-application enquiry to the Planning Department of the Broad’s Authority has been made regarding a new shed and a reply is awaited.



A new software system for race control is needed at TMOR.  Sadly, after many years John Aves has decided to make 2019 his last year as Race Control Officer so someone is needed take over the job.  RYA and other local clubs are being contacted to see what systems are available.  


Broads Engage

Boundary Farm moorings – there is a ‘Broads Engage’ organised for Tuesday 6thNovember at the Acle War Memorial Recreational Centre which will be looking at all aspects of access to the Broads.  Moorings will be part of this.  


JULY 2018


The Moorings

Tom Moore will be using his digger for dredging on the Club’s moorings later this week.  Any disruption will be kept to a minimum.  


Would members intending to leave a boat moored on the club moorings please let the moorings officer or a committee member know. 



Great Yarmouth Yacht Club are holding a Regatta on 1st/2ndSeptember to which all EACC members are invited.   No more information available at present.


Safety Boat

Club members are welcome to borrow the safety boat moored in Thurne Dyke for access to the EACC moorings, to load boats on moorings between Thurne Mouth and Womack Dyke entrance.   The cowling, keys, log book and spare fuel will soon be kept at Tom Moore’s house, in a box with a combination lock.   Members to contact the Bosun (Ian Stewart) when borrowing the boat for the first time for instructions.

If anyone has spare keys to either safety boat please return them to Ian Stewart.  



The Broads Authority have been contacted about the possibility of a new shed on the moorings. A pre-application enquiry is being prepared.




It would be super if someone would take on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org


APRIL 2018


The Moorings

Last weekend’s work party has improved the moorings a great deal.  The lawn mower will be on site shortly and the grass will be cut before the weekend. There are still spaces on the mowing rota!

The Committee has work planned at the moorings and the quay-heading taken out last year could be useful so please don’t remove any from the site.



The Committee were saddened to learn from Peter Atkins that his dad John was very poorly with dementia and not able to continue as a Trustee of the club.  John Atkins was Skipper of EACC in 1981, 1982 and 1993.  Many active members from that time will remember family fun times in Pat and John Atkins’ garden fronting South Walsham Broad.   Peter thinks his dad would enjoy a visit from any friend who wished to see him.  Please email Ruth on cordy384@live.co.uk if you would like to arrange to visit John, his son will remind him on the morning of your visit.



The TMOR Committee are busy making plans for the Regatta.  All going well so far.  We hope to have a double width bridge in situ this year.  All offers of help will be gratefully accepted.   An email to this end will be sent to members shortly.


Safety Boat Training

Ian Mason and Tom Moore are planning a Safety Boat Training day on Saturday 12thMay.  There are places for six people.   Anyone interested should contact Sam May (contact details in the White Book/on website).


Club Records

The Committee is actively seeking a club member who would be interested in taking on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org


MARCH 2018


Plot 7, the existing mooring plot

Following the committee's decision not to pursue plot 6 it was decided it would be useful if we could have a bigger shed on the club moorings for storage but this would need Planning Permission.  Initial drawings have been made and advice is being sought from the Broads Authority.


2018 Programme

All club events are now covered for the next year. Details are on the website and in the recently published and distributed White Book. If you don't receive yours with your Green Book in the post by 1st April, it might be scheduled for hand delivery to your house or boat or it could be a sign that your subscription that was due on the 1st March has not been paid.


Work Party

A work party has been arranged for Saturday 7th April, meet at Thurne dyke at 10 a.m.  With the season fast approaching it is time to make the moorings neat and tidy and a pleasant place not only for mooring holders but for club events held there and for members to moor for picnics, BBQs and social gatherings. We need to get the grass cut, remove the mole hills and fill holes and generally tidy the place up.  Please let Paul Stevens or David Thompson know if you are able to help.


Broads Area Yare and Bure Championship

Good news for YBOD owners – it is hoped that the class will hold a Broads Area Yare and Bure Championship this year and the EACC Open on 6/7October will be one of the four qualifying events.


Club's Historical Records

The Committee is actively seeking a club member who would be interested in taking on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org



Plot 6

After a lot of thought and discussion, the committee have decided that the club cannot afford to take on Plot 6. The plot is quite small as is the building that has Planning Permission to be built on it.  It would not be allowed to be used for overnight accommodation and would not be suitable for a club house. We are however looking into the possibility of an electricity supply and widening the dyke at Plot 7.   It would also be useful if we could have a bigger shed for storage but this would need Planning Permission.  A pre-planning meeting with the BA is being planned.


Work Paries and Quay Heading repairs

It is not possible to have access to the moorings along the track from Cold Harbour at present due to the ground conditions.  We have been advised to ask again in a month’s time.   A date for a work party at the moorings is to be arranged at next month’s meeting.



East Anglian Air Ambulance is to be the club’s chosen charity this year.



The Committee is delighted to announce that Roger Everett has agreed to become a Trustee of the club.



Events for the year are filled apart from the EACC Open and Spring Cruise. (now covered)


White Book 

Only the names of members who have not returned the data protection forms will be listed in the 2018 White Book. Dates confirmed for winter events 2019 – Winter Walk 10th February, Pub Night 9th March.



The Bosun is busy arranging the servicing of the lawn mower, strimmer and safety boat engines.



A sub-committee led by Liz Chettleburgh has met with the Moorings Landlord’s Agents regarding the lease. Discussions with the land owner are ongoing.


The Membership Secretary is ready to send out membership renewal forms and Privacy Policy to compliy with the new data protection regulations which come into force in May this year. All members must sign and return. Subscription Standing orders should also be changed to £21 by 1st March.


A  work party at the moorings is planned at the end of February. Details will be on the website in due course.


It has been confirmed that the 24 hour moorings at Thurne Mouth will definitely not be available for TMOR again this year.


Club rugby shirts are available, email Lisa Burton with orders.