Informal Cruise


The forecast for this weekend was not good but two days of summer on the Thursday and Friday encouraged Ranger (Roger and Lesley) and Bishy (Jimmy and Carolyn) to veture up to Barton before the weekend. This culminated in a very pleasant evening at Gays Staithe where they were joined (As arranged at the last minute on the EACC Facebook page) by Sally (Steve and Lisa), Pixie (Adrian and Ruth), Pippinjack (Paul & Jane) Tom in Moorhen, John and Susie in Swallowtail and eventually Snowbird (Nick and Amanda). Some BBQed, some ate at the White Horse, some went by flubber but most walked on the warm evening but right on cue as we were thinking about the 20 minutes walk back to Gays Staithe the heavens opened and the weekend went downhill after that.


All except Ranger, Bishy and Swallowtail were bound for the Punt Club River Cruiser Open on the Saturday and Sunday. The early cruiseristas headed for home whilst the rest perservered in wet and rather tedious conditions on Saturday. The Sunday races were abandoned altogether in even worse wet and windless conditions resulting in everyone scurrying for home soon after the lunchtime prizegiving. 


If anyone went anywhere else let me know and I will add a summary of their exploits here but I suspect you all rather wisely stayed at home.