Caption Competition

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Photo: Paul Stevens


I’m told that the record number of people to attend an EACC end of season celebration dinner was 75 at the Sutton Staithe Hotel back in the days when the sun always shone, beer was fifty pence a pint and all the boats were wooden. I’ve since been told that that was bunkum because that event was a Rigging out Supper! Never mind, attendance at the Celebration Dinner in its newer incarnation as the Laying Up Supper did not reach these dizzy numbers. This year’s 53 was a very respectable effort, however, and it was great to see some new faces amongst the regulars.
We took over the restaurant at The Lion (which is always nice! ) and by the time we had bedecked it with bunting and flags it was truly transformed into The EACC Arms.  The skipper hosted the presentation of prizes in his inimitable style, with the now traditional ‘napkin notes’, and had a slide show with an excellent variety of photos of the seasons goings on playing in the background. The usual photo quiz was replaced with a photo caption competition, and a practical test of bowline tying which was won by Colin Gibbon and Phil Montague.
The ribs of beef trophy, awarded for the biggest c**k up on the Southern Rivers Cruise and in the gift of the previous holder Tom Moore, had ten nominations including Sun Glory for persistent electrical incompetence, Moondaisy for failing to understand the basic principals of combustion and Ranger in recognition of a season’s long difficulty in getting it up (mast that is). The worthy winner was Ranger, and the look on Lesley’s face when the winner was announced will stay with me for a long time, probably longer than the trophy will stay on display at chez Everett.
A very good evening was enjoyed by one and all, and marked a fitting end to another great sailing season.
Now, just a few more people next year...
Cally Smith
Sun Glory II
2019 Club Trophies presented at the Laying Up Supper



Spring Regatta - RCC - Morning Tankard - Paul Stevens, Pippinjack

Spring Regatta - RCC - Afternoon Tankard - Steve Seeney, Mischief


Summer Regatta - RCC - Cooke Cup - Brian Wilkins, Catspaw

Summer Regatta - Allcomers - Ebbage Cup - Geof Angell, Nennen 

Summer Regatta - RCC - Roy Pike Cup - Paul Stevens, Pippinjack

Summer Regatta - Allcomers - Greyhound Cup - Geof Angell, Nennen (Cup Missing)

Summer Regatta - RCC - Fillibuster Cup - Paul Stevens, Pippinjack

Summer Regatta - Allcomers - International 14 Trophy Geof Angell, Nennen


Southern Rivers Cruise - Ribs of Beef Trophy – Roger Everett

Presented as a ‘cock-up trophy’ this year whilst on the EACC Southern Rivers Cruise.

Autumn Regatta -  Any class/rating - Jubilee Cup – Steve Burton, Wandering Rose

Autumn Regatta -  Any class/rating - Joe Delf Trophy – Colin Gibbon, Insenity


Bradnock Trophy – Paul Stevens, Pippinjack  Trophy for season- best 5 results. 

Crew’s Trophy – Jane Stevens, Pippinjack 

3 boats qualified: 2nd Mischief, Steve Seeney,  3rd Evergreen, David Thompson.  



Photo: Paul Stevens

Farrington Wifes initiate their latest recruit

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Paul Stevens

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Paul Stevens

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Paul Stevens

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Paul Stevens

Photo: Carolyn James

Photo: Carolyn James






In pillowcase 1. Colin Gibbon (4.65).  2. Liz Ollier (6.22)

Behind back 1. Phil Montague (4.5).  2. Ian Stewart (4.85).  3. Joe Farrow (7.52)



Photos taken and supplied by Sue Hines

Just a bit of fun, the captions were suggested by some of those who attended the Laying Up Supper.

Choose your favorite captions one from each of the six photos (but not your own) and email the numbers to

Just send 1x, 2y, 3z ….etc.


The winning caption for each photo will be posted on Sue's Flickr pages



1a.   Eyes Down

1b.   Pip: "I wouldn't do that if I were you"

1c:   Pip: "No the other way"

1d:   All pray!

1e:   Looks 'Ruff'!

1f:   Pip: "Has my master remembered to turn the fuel on?"

1g:   Tom: " I'm sure I left the dogs' dinner in here" 

         Ian: "Oh, sorry! I thought that was my lunch!"


And the winner is 1b - Ceres



2a.   Rocket man!

2b.   Careful now!

2c.   It said 'Light the blue touch paper ........and RETIRE!!'

2d.   At least the boom hasn't snapped - OOOOH!!

2e.   Can't we go any faster?

2f.   'C' harbour mark coming soon, mark my words!

2g.   Come on baby light my fire - you will need a huge match

2h.   Are we supposed to have brought this thing with us?


And the winner is 2h - Paul S.


3a.   Good job none of us will enter that bowline tying competition

3b.   There were 4 in the boat and the little one said ....

3c.   How many men does it take to fit the genoa sheet? None, just one woman!

3d.   Robin: "Its a wrap"

3e.   John it's upside down

3f.   John, there is a really clever device that was invented by a chap called Wykeham Martin!


And the winner is 3a - Joe & Eve


4a.   I wish I'd stayed with stainless steel rigging.

4b.   Paul: "A couple of cms more please".

4c.   The art of multi-tasking man style.

4d.   Now for my next trick!

4e.   With houses in Horning and Florida I'd have thought you could afford a longer jib-stick Paul.

4f.   That bloody seagull is still sitting up there!


And the winner is 4f - Paul S


5a.   I don't know, I only married him ...

5b.   Ruth: "My turn next"

5c.   Does my bottom look big in this?

5d.   Lying down on the job.

5e.   Ruth: "Rather him than me"

5f.    Ruth: "It would have been much simpler if he'd gone and got his hair cut when I told him to"


And the winner is 5f - Paul S




6a.   It's all right - we've painted the bowsprit white!

6b.   Who's farted David.

6c.   'Hear no' 'Speak no' 'See no', the 3 wise monkeys.

6d.   Tell me if you see any boats!

6e.   Sailing Blind

6f.   Steve, I just cant watch any more

6g.   At least one of us is still concentrating


And the winner is 6f - Hockey All-Stars