Saturday 1st April

Some photos taken by Sue Hines

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Extra Social Events



Pub Night

Joint Social Event with Yare Sailing Club

at the Lord Nelson in Reedham

14th January 2017


Unless otherwise stated photos by Sue Hines

I love the ability EACC has to take over moorings, squeezing 12 boats into a space for 3,   moving in on the space like a murmuration of marauding starlings at a bird table. Even better, as I discovered last night, is when we take over a pub and make it wholly our own for the evening.  This is stacks of fun, with an atmosphere like the tent at TMOR but with real toilets.  In fairness, there wasn't actually much resistance or marauding needed, because the venue for the joint social with our friends from the Yare Sailing Club was The Lord Nelson at Reedham which has reopened after a comprehensive refit and was otherwise pretty quiet - but this is mid January and the weather warnings had been wholly discouraging.  It suited us very nicely, however, because we more or less had the place to ourselves so we spread out and mingled, meeting old friends and making new ones. The pub isn't doing food yet, but they were happy for us to bring in so we had a fine fish supper courtesy of  the Reedham chippie. Around 50 people turned out, which is fantastic, and lovely as EACC members are it was great to see some new faces and, in my case, forget some new names. Apologies to Dennis, Bob and John! The idea of a joint social arose from a conversation with Margaret Kilner (YSC Commodore, RCC Vixen) at Joe Farrow's (RCC Corsair) wedding in September and it worked very nicely. The YSC are looking to do a bit more cruising this year and will come north in July, so expect to see more of them. A word about the pub - I have always felt The Lord Nelson should be one of the best pubs on the Broads as it's a lovely building in a great location, with good moorings outside, and usefully situated for Breydon, Oulton and the upper Yare.  The renovation is tip top, the beer and drinks are good (and well priced) and the atmosphere very convivial, with a roaring fire too.  They're not doing food yet, but don't let that put you off - remember when pubs didn't do food and we didn't expect them to?! We had a great night there and I recommend it highly.


Cally Smith (Social Secretary)


                  Photo: Jo Edye

Happy Birtday Tom


                                          Photo: Roger Everett

A particular surprise and bonus for Lesley was seeing this sign, as she comes from the Pullar's family of Perth, who were famed as dye makers and invented the first man made purple dye. The name is retained by the company, though the company is no longer in the family. The opposite to Lesley, really, who remains in the family but gave up the name when she became an Everett.


                                          Photo: Roger Everett

                                          Photo: Roger Everett

                                          Photo: Roger Everett