Saturday 10 March 2018


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Following last year's successful event the EACC pre-season pub night for 2017 will be held again at the Acle Bridge Inn.  It's a good location which is convenient for many of the members - and not too bad for those of you who have travelled from other parts of the country to do some winter maintenance in a boat shed somewhere on the northern rivers.  You can even moor there if you happen to be in the water.  There's a convivial atmosphere, a good selection of drinks at reasonable prices and a pub grub menu. 

EACC has booked the separate room at the rear once again, and we will meet at 7pm and order food at 7.30 or thereabouts.  No food pre-orders  are needed (which is great, because you never know what you're going to fancy a week in advance do you?) but I would like to give the pub some idea of numbers so if you are coming an email would be useful although not essential. 

Come along and catch up with old friends, make new ones and hear just how little maintenance we have done again on Sun Glory.  We look forward to seeing lots of you there.


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at 7.00pm 


Venue: Acle Bridge Inn



The EACC pre-season pub night will be held this year at the Acle Bridge Inn. This is our mardle night, the chance to catch up with friends old and new to share tales of previous glories and  winter maintenance trauma as well as to make plans to fill those long sailing weeks of summer.

The recently re-thatched inn has a friendly atmosphere and a good range of real ales and other drinks. I know it's a perverse irony to go to a pub which has a lot of moorings when we're not in our boats, having perfected the art of getting 8 river cruisers into a single dinghy mooring, but these things happen. There's a big car park too or a footpath from Acle.  

EACC has booked the separate room to the rear, looking downstream, and we will meet at 7pm, and eat at 7.30pm. The menu is
here for your perusal, but no pre-orders are needed.


It's always nice to have some idea of how many people are coming, so if you could drop me an email that would be useful but not essential.


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All members welcome - old, new and potential.