Friday evening 3rd May - Monday 6th May 2019


Cruise leaders: TBA



Colin and Frankie Little (Sandpiper)



Tidal information:


Low water Wroxham Bridge


4 May 2018 (Day 1 after Spring tide) 10.43 

5 May 2018 (Day 2 after Spring tide) 11.16 

6 May 2018 (Day 3 after Spring tide) 11.52

7 May 2018 (Day 4 after Spring tide) 12.37


Whilst the tides appear ideal for a visit to the dark side of Potter Heigham this spring, which would have been our first choice, the logistics and coping with the vagaries of access to West Somerton, Horsey Regatta and pub capacity have dictated that we go in the opposite direction. We propose therefore to cruise to the head of the navigation on the Bure at Coltishall Lock. We are advised that the Bure upstream of the moorings by the Rising Sun has been dredged and at the lock there is enough grass bank mooring available to accommodate the anticipated fleet.  


We plan to meet either at the club site on the evening of Friday 4 May or on the morning of 5 May and depart from the moorings around 11.00, aiming for a lunch stop at South Walsham, either on the entrance moorings if available or a raft-up on the outer broad.


For those joining us on Friday we will make an EACC communal table booking at the Lion Inn restaurant for 19.30hrs, please book yourselves in with the pub (tel. no. 01692 671806) and tell them you would like to sit at the EACC table. Please leave your contact details in case the numbers become such that they need pre-orders.



Our first night-stop will be Salhouse Broad where we are proposing to try an overnight raft manoeuvre on the broad that to our knowledge has previously not been attempted by EACC Cruiseristas, a St Peter Port Circle, after the outer harbour mooring methodology that used to occur in the Guernsey port before the advent of pontoons there. Detailed instructions here. If you have two mud-weights on board it will be helpful. 


Sunday will see us advancing up the Bure to Coltishall Lock via a lunch stop at Wroxham, we suggest above the railway bridge on the 24 hour moorings there.


We will book a club table if possible at the Recruiting Sergeant for 7.30, which is a short walk from the lock, alternatively if you prefer, you can eat on board or BBQ bankside.  There is the possibility that, notwithstanding the recent dredging, the river may be shallow at the lock at low water. If so we shall moor at the 24 hour village moorings on the green downstream of the lock. 


Using the email link at the bottom of this page please inform Colin not later than 20th April that you are going to eat at the pub so that he can give the pub bums on seats, remember it is a Bank Holiday Sunday so, please do book with Colin early. No need to contact the pub, Colin will collate numbers and inform the pub.


Our start on Monday will be geared to reaching Wroxham Bridge on the ebb tide to catch low water at 1237. For those who would like to break their return journey to home bases, we are suggesting a raft up for lunch on Wroxham broad (subject to weather of course) or on the 24 hour island moorings there.  


Past cruises have included various activities and puzzles that have all been great fun.  This year we have decided that it should be a peaceful relaxing cruise with as few deadlines and challenges as possible save for the SPPC at Salhouse!  We hope you will agree and enjoy with us the peace that the upper reaches of the Bure provides.


Please let us know not later than 27 April whether you intend to join the cruise, particularly if you want to eat in either pub. Those who wish to join us but not eat out will be equally welcome without pre-booking. It would however be helpful to let us know, before you leave home that you’re coming, so we can moor as inefficiently as necessary to secure you a spot to park.


Any members wishing to join us by road for dinner on Friday or Sunday will of course be welcome, just let us know your intentions by the 27 April please or we can’t ensure a table will be available.


The success of the plan is of course, like all cruises, somewhat weather dependant. We may need to amend plans at a late stage or even on the Saturday morning if necessary so do keep in touch via the website for information and any changes. 


When you inform us of your intention to join the cruise it would be helpful to provide a mobile phone number too please.





Colin Little mobile no. 07812 576789 or if unavailable

Frankie’s mobile 07816 871622


Bookings received so far:


Colin and Frankie

Paul and Jane

Paul and Claire

Roger and Lesley

Richard, Sally and Lauren

Paul and Ruth

Jimmy and Carolyn

Philip and Pat

Dave and Soozie

Tom, (with Pip and Mollie)



Moss Rose

Ranger III


Star Shell

Moon Daisy