Southern Rivers Cruise 2019


Friday (evening) 9th August to Saturday 17th  August


If the thought of cruising the relatively quiet and open waters of the

Southern Rivers and Broads, in company, perhaps en route to Oulton Regatta, appeals, and you are free for some or all of the time, then this

annual cruise to the southern rivers is a must.



Cruise Leaders: TBA


Almost final Itinerary


So, the plans are as follows:

Friday 10 August: Meet at EACC moorings. We will be crossing Breydon at around 17.15 so will need to be away from Thurne between 13.00 and 14.00 to motor to Yarmouth. You may want to pre-meet in The Lion to get your holiday started in the traditional way.  Having safely crossed Breydon we will moor up at the mooring by Berney Arms Mill, which have been reserved by the Yare Sailing Club (YSC) for the weekend.  We should get there around 18.15. As many of you will know, there is quite a tidal drop here so if you would rather moor elsewhere there are alternative moorings (BA24) at Polkey’s Mill which is about an hour upstream towards Reedham.  Or of course you could go on to Reedham.  For those who stay at Breydon, we will eat and drink on board, probably in the company of others there for the YSC Breydon Regatta. 
Saturday 11 August:  A day of options.  You can stay at Breydon for the regatta and race or crew or assist on the safety boat or just spectate.  It’s usually a good craic and there’s a beer tent in the late afternoon/evening.  There are no facilities at the pub, so it’s self catering for food.  It is generally a good evening and very sociable with the YSC. As an alternative, Tom Moore will lead a party to Loddon with mooring at Pyes Mill or BA24, arriving late morning and the opportunity to eat and drink in one (or all) of the pubs in Loddon and Chedgrave. Shopping opportunities. We hear The Swan is good, but there are a number of other options.  If you intend to come to Loddon please let Cally know on so she can let Tom have numbers.
Sunday 12 August:  looks a lot like Saturday, except obviously you’ll all be up early for Church. St John the Baptist at Reedham, Holy Trinity in Loddon, All Saints in Chedgrave.  There are no churches near Berney Arms as it is a godless place. For those of you at the regatta, there is a full race programme, whilst the Loddoners can do as Tom tells you. We will all meet at The Ferry at Reedham from 16.00.  The moorings downstream of the ferry are booked for us, but we may need to double moor.  We need to be in the pub by 18.45 as the kitchen shuts early and prebooking of food is essential. We will send you the menu separately.  Please let Cally know if you want to eat in the pub and send your preorders to her on by Friday evening. 
Monday 13 August:  There are good shower facilities available in the campsite, so after (wholly optional) ablutions we set off for the bright lights of Norwich.  There will be a long sail down to Surlingham Broad (HW Reedham 13.30), where we will raft up for a late lunch.  Depending on weather and tides we will do a timed sail and will let you have more details when we have worked it out.  We will then continue to Norwich where we have arranged to moor at Frostbites in Thorpe for the night.  The mooring is on the main river, but should be quiet.  We are not expecting to be able to access the clubhouse facilities.  There is a pub (The Rush Cutters) within 10 minutes walk and a very respectable curry house within 15 minutes,  but we are proposing to BBQ here which will be sociable.  If you have a portable BBQ please bring it and be prepared to share space!  We will arrange a delivery from a local butcher for the meat and Cally will take your orders on Sunday evening. 
Tuesday 14 August:  The day of The Ribs of Beef Challenge event. The boats who wish to participate in this prestigious event, or who just wish to be part of the accompanying flotilla, will head into Norwich after breakfast.  We can leave the other boats at Frostbites for the day.  We will moor at Riverside to shop at Morrison’s, head on up to the Ribs of Beef for a pre-race livener and then race between x bridges to be decided by the OOD on the day. Racing about 13.00.  HW Norwich Yacht Station at 16.30.  If there is a goodly number of participants I may well contact the EDP and suggest they send someone to photo the event.  Afterwards we head back to Coldham Hall for the evening. The moorings outside of the pub are booked for us, but we may need to double moor.  We are eating in the pub and pre-ordering of food is essential. We are still chasing them for the menu and will forward it separately when we receive it.  Please let Cally know if you want to eat in the pub and send your preorders to her on by Sunday evening. There are showers at Brooms’ yard opposite, plus fuel and water.
Wednesday 15 August:  A simple day on the river is planned, with a sail to Cantley for lunch either onboard at the BA24 or in The Reed Cutters, which is under new ownership.  Or just a pint at The Reed Cutters, as we’re passing, and it’d be rude not to.  We are advised that it is substantially improved, and it certainly looks better from the river.  Depending on weather and tides we will do a timed sail and will let you have more details when we have worked it up.  Our evening and overnight stop is at Herringfleet BA24 where we can bbq or cook on board.  There may be a pop-up gin bar if there is sufficient demand (and it hasn’t all been drunk previously). Expressions of interest please!
Thursday 16 August:  A leisurely day with a shortish sail to Beccles, where we will have a group meal in the evening at the Waveney House Hotel and overnight moorings are arranged at Beccles Sailing Club.  You may want to get to the town early to visit the Lido or take in the view from the church tower at St Michaels or do a spot of shopping (fabulous fishmonger with fabulous kippers) or instead just spend the time on the river. You may even have time to hot foot it to Geldeston for a beer as we’re not going there this year as part of the tour.  There are plenty of options and if you want to moor in the town instead then feel free to do so.  If you want to eat at the Waveney House Hotel, however, please let Cally know and look at the menu online at their website (it says sample menu, but it’s the current one) and send her your preorders on by Monday evening. 
Friday 17 August:  We are not expecting to have access to the Sailing Club facilities, so you can breakfast aboard (mmmmm, those kippers) or go in to Beccles where there are showers at the Yacht Station and breakfast there.  Afterwards it is another leisurely day with a short but scenic trip to Oulton Broad.  We are mooring overnight at WOBYC, but the pontoon they are installing for Oulton Week and the RCC weekend is only going in that day so we will need to avoid the immediate area until it is in place.  Depending on weather and tides we will do a timed sail on the Waveney, and will let you have more details when we have worked it out.   We can stop for lunch at the Dutch Tea Gardens on Oulton Dyke if anyone fancies it, or just go straight to OB subject to the pontoon caveat. There will be a group meal in Oulton that evening with details to follow.
Saturday 18 August: tides times are good for the return north with a crossing time for Yarmouth bridges at  around 11.30, meaning leaving Oulton at around 08.30 for those who aren’t staying on for the RCC weekend or beyond.  Back on the EACC moorings by 16.00 and in The Lion for post-holiday pint by 17.00. And that’s it folks. 

We hope the above is clear enough; there will be more making it up as we go along as we go along.
Your ‘last over the line and first to the bar’ cruise organisers
Jo and Cally (Sun Glory 2)

Beech Road
01603 782933