Website and Privacy Policy


The East Angilian Cruising Club (EACC) maintains this website and takes the view that members, parent, and guardians should be aware of the guidelines within which EACC operates in putting material onto the website.

EACC disseminates information especially concerning club activities, news, and junior participation through the website. This information may include reports and articles prepared by club officials, committee members, volunteers, parents, or guardians which may make reference to individuals. It may also include, on occasions, photographs taken of action shots, team groupings, or social activities.

EACC is conscious of the need to act responsibly in its use of the website and adheres strictly to the few simple rules set out below:

  • Personal information should not be reproduced on the web site without prior consent.
  • Specifically no references to be made to any child’s personal information or home address.
  • No photographs that are in any other way inappropriate will be permitted to appear.
  • All material provided for placement on the EACC web site will be subject to review and editing by the EACC Webmaster to ensure compliance with EACC policy.
  • If, in the view of the EACC Webmaster, any doubt still exists as to the suitability of material supplied to be placed on the web site, it will either be discarded by him/her or, alternatively, used only after obtaining relevant permission.

EACC is equally concerned not to spoil the undoubted fun that young members get from being able to read and to see photographs their own activities. EACC therefore does not wish to be unnecessarily restrictive and seeks to apply a common sense approach.