Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October



Race 1
Eight boats entered but only seven came to the line. We arrived to a building breeze and “moist” conditions, the wind from a northerly direction and horizontal rain, “who’s idea was it to go sailing in this weather.” A three buoy course was set

Race 2
Just 2 buoys in the course this time with the finish at the club site as conditions were getting worse,. After finishing everyone vanished to try and dry out and get warm. I have a heater on Kobweb but it’s not connected.  A lovely meal was had by all in The Lion.




Who turned off the wind?  The morning was dead calm and Liz Chettleburgh in Zephyrus joined the fleet having not sailed on Saturday. The marks and line were set for an interesting sail. At the start, all but two were over the line so we had to call them all back to try again. The course was shortened due to a very strong tide. 

Race 4

Started with no problems but then we noticed that the first mark was coming down river towards the race fleet until it found a shallow bit and stopped in a position leaving the competitors a small gap to round, after all the boats had cleared the mark we put it back in position with another weight and rope so as to reach the bottom.


Ian Stewart PRO



Race 1
1.  Fox 142 C Bunn
2.  The Miller 136 F Foulds
3.  Little Blue 95 C Bellamy
4.  Lycaena 5 T Moore
5.  Silver Blue 54 S Daniels
6.  Camberwell Beauty 46 M Luckhurst
7.  Cupido 86 K Mason
     Zephurs 44 L Chettleburgh dns


Race 2.
1.  Fox 142
2.  The Miller 136
3.  Little Blue 95
4.  Silver Blue 54
5.  Camberwell Beauty 46
6.  Lycaena rtd
     Cupido dns
     Zephyurs dns


1.  Fox 142
2.  The Miller 136
3.  Little Blue 95
4.  Lycaena 5
5.  Zephyurs 44
6.  Camberwell Beauty 46
7.  Cupido 86
8.  Silver Blue 54


Race 4.
1.  Fox 142
2.  The Miller 136
3.  Lycaena 5
4.  Zephyurs 44
5.  Little Blue 95
      Silver Blue rtd
      Camberwell Beauty rtd
      Cupido rtd


Overall Results
1.   Fox
2.   The Miller
3.   Little Blue
4.   Lycaena
5=. Camberwell Beauty
5=. Zephyrus
5=. Silver Blue

8.   Cupido