If you do not already know where we are based you can check out our location, Thurne, at www.streetmap.co.uk

You may like to get in touch to enquire about matters relating to the club and its activities or to submit your contributions for publication on our website.

Here are the 2019 contacts....

In an effort to stop spam we have subsituted "@" with "at" in the email addresses below. Please replace " at " with "@" in the addresses shown

  • Skipper David Thompson skipper at ea-cc.org
  • Mate Liz Chettleburgh mate at ea-cc.org
  • Second Mate Vacant
  • Hon. Treasurer Paul Markham moneybags at ea-cc.org
  • Hon. Membership Sec. Colin & Frankie Little membership.secretary at ea-cc.org
  • Hon. Secretary Ruth Thompson secretary at ea-cc.org
  • TMOR  Tom Moore tmor at ea-cc.org
  • Editor - Email, Newsletters & Website  Paul Stevens moorings at ea-cc.org
  • Club merchandise  Jane Stevens   insignia at ea-cc.org
  • Social Secretary Cally Smith   social.secretary at ea-cc.org
  • Bosun  Ian Stewart  bosun at ea-cc.org
  • Moorings Officer Paul Stevens moorings at ea-cc.org
  • Webmaster John Aves  j.aves at ea-cc.org 

Problems and Complaints:

If you wish to complain about any of the content you find posted on this site you should send an email to:

John Aves j.aves at ea-cc.org