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Should you wish us to discuss anything of importance to the club or its members, please notify the Skipper for inclusion in the agenda 5 days prior to committee meeting dates.

A digest of items of news and business under discussion by the committtee which
maybe of general interest to members
Nick Wiggins has stood down from the committee, and we now have a small team led by Liz Chettleburgh dealing with the lease negotiations. More news on those as we get it.
Due to the Lady Yacht Club unilaterally changing the date of their event held at Thurne Mouth, we have had to change the date of the Autumn regatta from the 30th September to the 14th of October. This has also meant that Steve Burton, holder of the Crystal Ball trophy, is unable to run the planned new event that was to take place on Saturday 29th September.  This is a real shame, but it is felt that it would be too difficult to run what would have undoubtedly been a popular event at the same time that the cruisers and white boats of the LYC are racing on the same stretch of water. Steve has yet to decide which event he will put the Crystal Ball trophy up for.

2017 AGM Minutes
Members can click here to read the draft minutes of the 2017 AGM
Click here to see the Accounts Balance sheet.
(N.B. Both are password protected - password provided in email sent to all members 14 Dec 2017)

3rd December 2017,  NEWS ROUNDUP FOR THE YEAR
The treasurer has done some sterling work this year on the finances, and has produced a forward planning study that keeps the finances under tight control and will ensure our financial viability for the foreseeable future. This has led to the committee taking the decision to increase the membership subscription and the mooring fees by a small amount. Annual subscription has now risen to £21.
The club site has had new quay heading on the river frontage, and Tom and David are going to be doing more running repairs over the next few months. Planning permission for this covers the whole site and as we have started the works is not time limited. To help cover the cost we have decided to increase mooring fees also, and these rise to £15.11 per foot.
The new lease for the club site has still not been officially signed, but the costs have all been agreed and the treasurer has taken this into account in his master plan. The Skipper wishes personally re-assure everyone that EACC's relationship with the landowners is excellent, and there are further negotiations over the possibility of taking over plot 6 ongoing. However no decision will be able to be made on that matter until later on next year.
We have formed an excellent friendship with the YSC, helping them out with a safety boat for the Breydon regatta and bringing most of their trophies north for them. Look out for details of the joint social event planned for the 13th of January.
For the first time we have adopted a charity to support, this year it has been the Nancy Oldfield Trust, and we have raised over £300 for them this year.
TMOR was another great success, despite losing the 24 hour moorings. The new infrastructure has  worked very well, set up and takedown were much improved, and the new layout of the marquee and the floating pontoon were very successful.
Please note that the dates for 2018 events published on the website are still provisional - the Autumn Regatta and Autumn cruise particularly are still under consideration.


February 2017, River Frontage at the Moorings

The committee is to proceed with plans to replace and back fill the quay heading along the club site's river frontage at a cost of about £10,000. Planning permission has been sought (and obtained) for the whole site and it is hoped that this first stage of the work will be completed before the first club event if not the start of the season.


Latest information regarding the 24 hour moorings at Thurne, 4 Feb 2017

The Broads Authority are publishing on their website, an amendment to the planning application to remove the quay heading at Thurne. There was a meeting in December at Donny Cook's, with NSBA, BA, BESL and Donny. Tom Moore was also present but inspite of the document stating that EACC was represented, this was not true as Tom wishes to make it clear he was there in another capacity, and not to represent EACC. Read the document.



Round up of end of 2016 season news


There are some big issues in the club of which members are hoping to hear news. The committee is no wiser about these at the moment but as soon as anything concrete is known the news will be published here. The situation as it stands is as follows:


The lease on the club moorings has been renewed for one year on the same basis as with the previous landowner. Discussions with the landowner's agents regarding the longer term situation are still awaited.


Plans are underway to house the TMOR equipment in a large trailer which will hopefully be housed undercover in Thurne. We await confirmation of these plans when details will be disclosed here.


There is a plan to install a keel on the new safety boat for next season along with the high capacity pump previously mentioned.


Quotes are being sought for the construction of a new aluminium TMOR bar.



News and Extracts from the July 18th 2016 Committee Meeting



A Race team is being sought for the Sunday of TMOR next year as a replacement for the Olliers who have indicated that they may not be available in 2017 (Update: The committee has heared that Liz and Phil Ollier will continue to offer their services albeit on a different day)


Safety Boat

The club is looking at the possibility of installing a high capacity electric pump in the new safety boat for use in emergencies.


The committee are very aware of the problem with low speed manoeuvrability in the new safety boat and it has been suggested that we go back to the manufacturers and see what they suggest. Steve Burton will look into it. All agreed that something needs to be done with the boat.


Social Events

Cally to look into possibility of a visit to Norwich Beer Festival



Some new mooring posts have been put in at the club site



Monday 5th September



News and Extracts from the June 20th 2016 Committee Meeting




Much of the meeting was taken up with discussing feedback from TMOR and early plans for 2017.



Phone contact has been made with the new land owner's agents. Its early days yet but there is no cause for concern at the moment. It was however noted that our current lease makes no provision for land access to the site and specifically states that access shall be by river only. For the record it should be noted that the permissive footpath was closed by Crown Estates last year before the sale of the land and directly as a result of the ending of the land stewardship scheme by which it had been provided. Members are being urged to respect these conditions as failure to do so could jepordise our lease.



Membership applications were received from Andy & Sue Beale, Philip Lund and Chris Tuckett.  All approved unanimously.



Arrangements were in a hand for the forthcoming EACC RCC Open and the committe were pleased to accept Tom Moore's offer to officiate as Nicks health problems following his accident made it impossible for him to fulfil that committment. As the Hunters BBQ was not after all available for the Saturday night it was decided that the club should purchase a new Weber model similar to but bigger than Steve and Lisa's, the use of which the club had made much use. (Thanks Steve and Lisa) The BBQ has been purchased and the Green Box on the moorings has been sorted and partitioned to accommodate it and make the box more user friendly.



Monday 18th July



News and Extracts from the May 16th 2016 Committee Meeting




Arrangements all in hand.


Pritchard Trophy still not located. (found!)


More pallets being aquired for safety boat jetty etc.


All pallets etc used as staging for boats moored on Roll land must be removed from the site.


Possibly trying a new lay out in Marquee this year with door relocated to try and stop people congregating on the footpath.


Local Boats criteria to change this year to include all mooring on the River Thurne as well as those boats wintering in Thurne, Oby and Repps.


Bar after Regatta. Frame to be cut up and new one made before next year.


Major clear out of TMOR shed planned anything that is not used will be disposed of.


Jo looking into possibility of wider bridge for the future – would cost about £100.




Training – went really well. Everyone enjoyed it and learnt so much. We now have five more safety boat drivers. One TMOR boat completely covered and the other on standby at times.



Applications approved from James Lovett, Aidan Ward and Mike and Sally Jones.



Very successful event. No food left over. 45 people plus attended



A new price list for Regalia will be published on wesite and in TMOR programme



The old gas BBQ finally US not being replaced at present



Monday 20th June




News and Extracts from the April 11th 2016 Committee Meeting




Not used much and is now pretty much obsolete as well as needing attention so John Aves will be asked to seek an inexpensive replacement



In spite of  some pre-print delays this year the White book was published and sent out with the Green Book by the 1st April deadline thanks to an outstanding same day service from Tudor Print in Acle. NB there is an error in the Southern Rivers Cruise dates which should read Friday (evening)12th August to Saturday 20th August (please correct your copy)



A new stock of EACC and TMOR tee shirts, polos along with flags will be available by TMOR.



Waiting list: The first 3 on the waiting list have declined the offered berth, so the spare berth has been allocated to Jo Edye, Sun Glory.


Work Party:  Rescheduled for the Saturday of the Spring Regatta weekend.. We are hoping to repair the lawn mower shed in the short term. The main job will be backfilling holes at he edge of the quayheading by filling sand-bags with soil. We’ve been offered some bright orange Nato approved ones by Colin Little for free. Plan to have BBQ available all day to make it a more social occasion.



Training: Ian Mason can do Saturday of Spring Regatta. Jo Edye is waiting to hear from him with more details this is the same day as the moorings workparty so lots going on. As soon as Jo knows more he will get an email out for any would-be safety boat operatives. (now confirmed - contact Jo if interested in this - see website24/4)


Trailers: No progress as yet



46 people for Sunday meal (now full), closing date for cruise next Monday 18th. 15 boats booked. Will need to get to Coltishall in good time to be sure of moorings. (updated 24/4)




Tom has a new grass cutter and has offered to help with the site preparation at TMOR again.



Film show, projector and screen, food etc. all in hand.

Village Hall will run bar, Cally will speak to Village Hall re decorations and flowers. About 30 people at the moment. (update - there were 44?)



Her funeral will be on the 20th April. Private cremation. Funeral at Dilham Church followed by a party




Monday 16th May 2016




Extracts from the minutes of 21st March 2016 Committee Meeting



Our plans have been halted in their tracks for the moment due to a change of landowner from Crown Estates a Mr Anthony Habgood, who is said to be environmentally minded!  Agents (Brown and Co) will visit plots in near future and will want to speak to a representative from the club.  Efforts are being made for all the plot owners to meet the agents together.



Race Officer now sorted (Colin Little).  Also other offers of help.



Position with Race Officer for Saturday.  Patrick Richardson has agreed to be the Principal Race Officer on the Saturday.


It is the plan to have a stock of EACC/TMOR polo/tee shirts etc. to sell at TMOR  Grey suggested for tee shirts and royal blue for polo shirts.


Jo Edye gave notice that after this year he would like to step down as TMOR committee chairman as he is likely to be skipper next year.



Will happen but no date is set as yet.



The committee are seeking at least one new safety boat trailer.  If anyone knows of a suitable trailer for sale would they please contact Steve Burton.


They are also considering approaching the Snowflakes Sailing Club with a view to sharing as we use our boats in the Summer and they use their boat in the Winter. 


It has been agreed that our safety boat be loaned to the Horsey Regatta on 7th May and the Hickling Town Regatta the first weekend in August,


The new safety boat used to skid about. The engine has been dropped lower into water by 2 inches and it is now holding in the water much better.



After a slight delay in getting these to the printer they have now all been sent out by post or hand delivered. If you paid your subs this year you should have received yours with your Green Book in the normal manner by now.  



Monday 11th April 2016


Earlier news deteted